Mastermind Toys website showcasing Home page and brand pages on all devices


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    Mastermind Toys

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    UI/UX Design

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    Figma, CSS


Upon joining Mastermind Toys, a leading toy retailer, I recognized the imperative to enhance the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design of our website, The mission was clear: optimize the online journey for visitors by ensuring seamless access to promotions, guides, and product categories. My role in this collaborative project centered on implementing an updated sub-navigation bar, responsive adjustments to the homepage, and strategic content creation to elevate the overall website experience.

Enhancements Implemented:

Sub-Navigation Bar:
Taking the lead, I introduced an updated sub-navigation bar to provide users with quick links to promotions and guides not prominently showcased on the homepage. This thoughtful addition aimed to streamline the navigation process, enabling visitors to access relevant information effortlessly.

Close up of sub-navigation bar, implemented  on the home page of Mastermind Toys
Responsive Adjustments to Homepage and sub-pages:
Acknowledging the need for a more user-friendly interface, I spearheaded responsive adjustments to the homepage layout for shorter scrolling times. This included updating brand banners to ensure key promotional elements were immediately visible, reducing friction and enhancing user engagement.
Mobile showcase of Product, Home, Brand pages
Scrolling Category Carousels:
To optimize the user experience, I introduced scrolling category carousels, strategically designed to reduce the overall page size while maintaining easy access to a variety of product categories. This not only improved page loading times but also provided a visually engaging way for users to explore our extensive product range.
Closeup of carousel categories on desktop Closeup of carousel categories on mobile
Content Creation:
An integral part of the transformation was an updated content creation strategy, where I curated visually appealing banners, enticing product cards, and integrated social media content. This comprehensive approach added vibrancy to the homepage, fostering a sense of community and engagement.

New layout and responsive elements on desktop New layout and responsive elements on mobile


The collaborative efforts in UX/UI design enhancements and content creation under my guidance resulted in a transformative impact on The updated sub-navigation bar streamlined access to promotions and guides, significantly improving the overall navigation experience. Responsive adjustments to the homepage ensured key promotional elements were immediately visible, leading to reduced bounce rates and enhanced user engagement.

The introduction of scrolling category carousels not only reduced page size but also provided a visually dynamic way for users to explore product categories seamlessly. The updated content creation strategy added vibrancy to the homepage, showcasing promotions and products in an enticing manner.

The overall outcome was an elevated online experience for Mastermind Toys' customers, emphasizing user-friendly navigation, reduced page load times, and visually captivating content. The collaborative approach to UX/UI design enhancements and content creation, driven by my contributions, exemplifies a commitment to providing an exceptional online journey for visitors to