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    1.5 Months

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    Squarespace, CSS, Javascript


Joining in 2020, I became an integral part of the real estate juggernaut, contributing to its mission of providing buyers and sellers with comprehensive insights, trusted advice, and seamless services. Recognizing the imperative to elevate our brand presence and user experience, I embarked on multiple projects aimed at creating a cohesive identity. This case study delves into my successful collaboration on pivotal initiatives, including the development of a brand guideline website, crafting ready-made email templates with modular flexibility, and offering ongoing support to our in-house development team.


Navigating the rapid growth of presented a unique challenge: maintaining a consistent brand identity across various touchpoints. As a dynamic company with multiple locations and a diverse team, ensuring brand uniformity became paramount. Challenges included creating a brand guideline website, devising ready-made email templates for the marketing team's ease, and providing continuous design support to our in-house development team.


Brand Guideline Website:
I spearheaded the development of a dedicated brand guideline website, serving as an exhaustive resource for our entire team. This platform housed meticulous guidelines on logo usage, color schemes, typography, and other vital elements, instilling consistency in brand representation across all communications.

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Ready-Made Email Templates:
Drawing on my design expertise, I crafted a series of ready-made email templates characterized by modular flexibility. These templates empowered the marketing team to seamlessly swap content modules, fostering efficiency in creating visually appealing and consistent email campaigns. The modular design facilitated adaptability for various marketing messages and campaigns.
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The implementation of the brand guideline website and ready-made email templates resulted in a more cohesive and visually appealing brand representation for The brand guidelines established consistency across channels, nurturing trust and recognition among our audience.

Empowering the marketing team with modular email templates streamlined campaign creation, reducing turnaround time while preserving a consistent visual language. The ongoing support to our development team ensured a harmonious blend of design and functionality, enhancing the overall user experience for's audience.